Karen Snyder, MFA

Karen Y. Snyder (KYS Realm), MFA, is a Transmedia Producer, Author, Director, and Full-Motion Video Game Producer.


She has over 12 years of experience in developing and creating multi-media and transmedia projects and stories that involve branding, graphic design, photography, marketing, social media strategy, business strategy, website development, video/film production, casual video game development, and live events. She has managed and directed teams of up to 35 both in-house and globally distributed. She teaches transmedia at the college level.


She lectures of transmedia at the University of Houston and is developing a Transmedia Initiative to develop more media jobs in the Houston region. Within the transmedia certification program, she created a transmedia marketing course.


To increase creative technology jobs, she is curating Gamers of Houston, a group of video game industry professionals, students, and educators who have gathered together to encourage government leaders in the Houston region to actively support the video game industry. For the effort she created a transmedia proposal that includes an economic impact report, filmed interviews from 23 leading professionals in the city, and a website.


As KYS REALM, she is the creator of the world's first transmedia romance series, The Elements Club®. The series includes ebooks, a casual video game, online episodes and live events.


One of only a hand-full of female video game producers focused on the casual game space, she developed The Elements Club: Unity Match® video game--the world's first romance match-3, full-motion video game.


The lead visionary for Transmedia Realm, she is developing a platform which blends social video game mechanics with narrative to allow creatives to BUILD, DISTRIBUTE, and ENGAGE fans in multi-media story worlds.


As of February 2016, she is joined forces with Jon Lindgren, an award-winning broadcast producer, to create a new production company, Trans / Seven Studio, to cultivate more full-motion video games and transmedia broadcast offerings for the Houston region.



Karen Snyder is a Transmedia Producer and Interactive Designer.


TRANSMEDIA PRODUCER: She cultivates successful transmedia stories and marketing campaigns that include multi-media tactics and technology.


PROJECT MANAGER: She generates results through effective talent engagement, Agile® development principles and a start-up mentality.


VISUAL COMMUNICATOR: She attracts attention through graphic design, video game development, branding, UI and UX design, and video production.


MARKETING & BUSINESS STRATEGIST: She breathes life into companies through research, strategy, and merging financial goals with creative execution.



2013: She was selected as a finalist for GamesBeat:  Who's Got Game Innovation Showdown where she presented her vision for relational video games.


2014: Developed and hosted a penal on Transmedia for Romance Writers of America.


2016: She led a panel on Full-Motion Video Game development at SXSW. She was joined by fellow FMV producers, Sam Barlow and Simon Tremblay.


2017: Spoke on Transmedia at TAGA with Phi Snyder.




Bachelor of Science, Business Administration

(Summa Cum Laude)



Master of Fine Arts, Digital Communication & Multi-Media