A Docu-Reality Web Series Hosted by Yash Semlani


What does it take to create a business and make real money as a kid? Get inspired as kids and youth share their success stories of how they are making money, helping charities, and living out their aspirations.


Genre: Docu-Reality


Target: Family


Produced by: Kazap Company


Distributed by: Make A Difference Entrepreneurs

Created by KYS Realm


Set in Victorian London between 1892-1897, The Elements Club follows the lives of various members as they each unlock the power of love and fortune.


The world's first transmedia romance series.



- First to create an interactive romance novel

- First to create a romance Match-3 video game.

- First romance to partner with a museum for live events.

- First to create a gamified story-world


Genre: Transmedia Romance


Target: 35-55 Yr. Women


Produced by: Kazap Company


Distributed by: Kazap Company

Over 9.5 million views on YouTube!


Created by Jeff Nevins & Phil Snyder


Visit the NumBears on their magical Island, and see numbers come alive. Through the clever use of story and song, the NumBears assist children in learning and using mathematics to solve problems.


Voiced by Phil Snyder, the former voice of Disney's Jiminy Cricket.


Genre: Education


Target: 5-8 Yr. Children


Produced by: Kazap Company & Jeff Nevins


Distributed by: Kazap Company

A Documentary by Phil Snyder


A young ophthamologist, Dr. Mark Humayun, inspired by the success of the Cochlear Implant that enables the deaf to hear, returned to school to earn his Ph.D. in biomedical engineering, and now leads biomedical technology’s battle against the scourge of blindness with his amazing invention, the retinal implant.


Genre: Documentary


Target: Adult


Produced by: Phil Snyder


Distributed by: Kazap Company